XR Vision, transforming the way you communicate navigate manufacture design diagnose

Navigate your day

Go about your day with ease. EyeJets offer an all-day, hands-free digital solution to integrate digital data with your physical surroundings. Our patented eyewear technology lets you stay on top of family scheduling and work prompts. Consult your shopping list, monitor daily steps, and navigate directions from the foreground of your view. Blending digital and physical demands has never been easier. 

Communicate with coworkers

Project Zoom meetings wherever you’re located. Stay on top of important work communications without pulling out your device. Our patented VRD and eye-tracking technology enables company information that was meant for employee eyes only, to now truly stay that way.

Improve patient care

Enhance patient care with EyeJets’ diagnostic and healthcare capabilities. Capture images seen through the smartglasses lenses and deliver AI-aided diagnoses. Instantly retrieve and update patient medical records, or follow live surgeries from anywhere worldwide. EyeJets enables doctors to deliver improved medical care – hands-free.

Visualize industrial concepts

Transform the way you manufacture and design. EyeJets’ retinal projection technology enables companies to digitally twin manufacturing environments and simulate real-time work conditions. Our light-weight frames project operational data directly into the user’s vision, with unparalleled accuracy, clarity and scope. Step into the industrial metaverse.

Ensure safety & privacy

Secure critical tasks with unique retinal mapping technology. EyeJets’ ability to map individual blood vessel structures offers the most precise safety and security measure available on the market for identification purposes. Load multiple user profiles into a pair of smartglasses to secure individual devices, critical security systems, banking information, cryptocurrencies, classified documents, and more.