Technological Platform
Projects any digital information directly into the Eyes Vision Center
The "EyeVis" - compact wearable laser visual display
Used in many disciplined such as: Daily life activity and recreational, medical, military and others
Creates a Retinal Image
without going through any screen in a compact system, maintaining a full field of view.
The next generation of advanced smart vision
Tremendous advantages over any available smart glasses that enables to see all digital images without a screen, while being able to perform simultaneously other tasks

EYEJets Innovation

A unique and groundbreaking technology platform ("Eyevis") that projects all digital information: pictures, emails, television, AR, VR, and more - directly into the eye and registered on the retina through a unique laser scanning system in the eye's vision center.

Our vision: "a world with no screens. Everyone has one - the world's next smartphone"

EyeJets has clear advantages

EyeJet's Technology

Compact System

With a small physical size that can be installed on a standard pair of glasses, and is simple to operate

A big field of vision

Based on retinal projection.
Projecting on top of the retina using laser beams

Suitable for everyday usage

including uses in the medical and military fields that'll profoundly affect humanity

Can perform a few tasks

at the same time (multitasking) - the user could see the information that the system projecting to the eye and still function and perform other vision actions or physcal actions

The image moves with the eyeball

The image obtained in the eye is fixed in the center of vision and moves with the eye even throughh eye movement

Projecting on top of the retina

using laser beams.

Used technology today

Clumsy, big, wearable glasses

Display screen inside the glasses
Limited field of vision, based on screen simulation

Not suitable for everyday use - suitable for games, AR, VR

Cannot perform operations in parallel - viewing something in the glasses is blocking any field of vision

The image/video is static

Limited field of vision. based on screen simulation

Why EyeJets?

Unique technology that answers an existing need

Has meaningful advantages in contrast to any type of smart glasses existing today or developed in the world

The technology turns to the wide market and can be used in many disciplines: daily life activity, medical, military, and more

The company engages with the smartphone and is a complementary product that adds new and breakthrough capabilities and has a grand business potential

The company was scientifically tested and won twice a permit and budgeting from the Innovation Authority in considerable amounts. Completing the preliminary demonstrator proved the feasibility of the company's groundbreaking technology

The system stands at all the American and European safety regulations of using lasers in projecting to the eye

The company filed an international and Israeli patent that was found to be completely novel by the PCT authorities and is expected to be approved soon, and another patent will follow soon

Technology has an immense and important use in the medical field that will revolutionize the early diagnosis of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases, so its rapid arrival in the market can save many lives

A strong staff that's built from the top people in the management, technology, and medicine worlds.



Eyejets technology is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority and Israeli Ministry of Defense
A model was constructed and successfully demonstrated.

Our Company Team

Edu Strul
CEO of the company

Owns a bachelor's and master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, from the Technion in Haifa. He has held several positions in the Air Force, including - Head of the Engineering and Aircraft Programs Department.

Dr. Joshua Gur

Holds a BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University with honors and an MSc degree in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University with honors.

Dr. Isaac Lipshitz
Chief Medical Officer

A veteran eye doctor that in parallel with his clinical work, has been involved for 3 decades in the development of accessories that are implanted into the eyes (such as intraocular telescopes).

Yitshak Berlovich MD
Member of scientific advisory board

A physician, graduated Tel Aviv University medical school. Holds also a degree in medical administration and health system administration from Tel Aviv University. From 1993 to 2000, he served as head of medical administration

Prof. Anat Lowenstien
Scientific Advisory Committee

Full Professor of Ophthalmology. The main field of her work: Retina. Director of the Ophthalmology Department at Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov), Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine ...

Dr. Yehoshua Degani
Scientific Advisory Committee

Over 30 years of experience in the industry, in R&D management and general management positions in knowledge-intensive companies in the fields of electro-optics ...