Reinventing the
XR experience

Always a glance ahead

Toggle real world

& virtual demands

Transforming the way we work and play, EyeJets’ technology enables users to shape virtual demands around their physical environments.

Realistic Experience

Digital prompts seamlessly integrate into the user’s vision forming a true mixed reality experience.

Digital Twinning

Create realistic modeling and simulations of real-time environments, improving the lifecycle of complex technological systems.

All-Day Wear

Comfortably wear EyeJets throughout your day. Our technology is lightweight, compact, and crafted for safe and stylish all-day use.

Toggle real world

& virtual demands

An immersive

on the go experience

EyeJets’ patented visual retinal display and eye-tracking technology enables users to view digital images from the corner of their eye, then instantly return focus to their physical surroundings. With just the flick of a finger or a quick glimpse, the assisted reality eyewear blends physical and digital worlds like never before.

A new XR era has arrived.

Simulate physical environments to solve complex medical issues, run infrastructure testing on digitally twinned manufacturing environments, or simply navigate the day’s digital prompts with greater ease. 

Our Technology

Emulating human vision

Build and shape the worlds of tomorrow with EyeJets’ groundbreaking XR technology

High Performance

Our precise eye-tracking and VRD technology means images remain crisp & sharp, never blurred.

Visual Display

Users enjoy an expansive 100° field of view, peripheral vision remains intact.

Ocular Recognition

EyeJets’ scans the user’s unique ocular footprint delivering the ultimate mechanism for user security & safety. 

Our Technology

Emulating human vision

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