Dr. Joshua Gur


Holds a BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University with honors and an MSc degree in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University with honors. Holds a Ph.D. in Optics from the Rochester Institute of Optics in the United States with honors. After working in Rafael Company as head of the optics lab, he founded Gur Optics Company for developing flat screens (before those even existed), the company has stopped working after a few years. Later on, he worked for many years in the aerospace industry in the electro-optical field and led many developments as part of major projects such as the development of an overhead display for fighter jets, digital cockpit, underwater laser radar, and more. During the years, Yehoshua wrote numerous patents (9) in the optics department for various uses. 3 years ago, he founded EyeJets Company along with Edo. Yehoshua uses as the head technologist of the company and leads the unique and groundbreaking technology the company develops. In conclusion: Yehoshua has 40 years of experience in developing multidisciplinary systems in the optics, mechanics, electronics, and software departments. Yehoshua’s importance to the company is critical, that is because Yehoshua leads the technology development.