Applications of Eyejets technology

Core technology with multiple major applications in various fields of life:

Daily life and communication

Recreational applications

Medical applications

Military applications

Daily life activity

Display data directly onto the retina:

TV, books, movies, smartphone, applications, multimedia..


Interacting while seeing other projected information.

Easy information sharing

safe and fast messages delivery (emails, SMS, What’s up..)

Navigating without GPS

Alert and information during driving

Retinal scan identification for improving security

Image modification/improvement

adapting light condition and Magnifying smartphone screen.


Screen less entertainment

projecting movies, clips, journals, directly into the eye


virtual reality, augmented reality Etc..

Modify image

contrast, color, visual field on any received data


Playing while preserving full visual field


Early diagnosis of disease

Improving vision:

- Improving visual performance
- modifying size of image on the retina (For AMD).
- Treat nystagmus

Improve surgical capabilities

Simultaneous real time streaming information


Improve gun fire shooting accuracy

- Accurate shooting From the hip, during motion
- Full visual field

Navigation without GPS

Improve Pilot head up display